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Kirtan Sohila: A Bedtime Supplication por Nidhi Singh Gratis

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Autor (s): Nidhi Singh

Título: Kirtan Sohila: A Bedtime Supplication

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Langue: Español

Formato: Epub | PDF

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Nidhi Singh con Kirtan Sohila: A Bedtime Supplication

The collection of hymns called Sohila is repeated at bedtime by pious Sikhs. It consists of three hymns of Guru Nanak, one of Guru Ram Das, and one of Guru Arjan. The word Sohila is derived from sowan wela, meaning in the Panjabi language, the time for sleep.The term Sohila for these hymns has been used in the Guru Granth Sahib, as well as by Guru Harkishan, the eighth Guru. The prayer is also called Aarti Sohila, perhaps because one hymn from the Aarti composed by Guru Nanak has been included in it. Guru Nanak, at the time of his passing away, had asked his followers to sing Kirtan, which comprised the stanza from Aarti, which is a part of Sohila.Sohila is also part of a tradition of folk songs from North India, where the melodies are sung to celebrate the impending union of the bridegroom with the bride. In the context of the Sikh prayer, it denotes the impending union of the soul as it departs the human body, and merges with the Supreme Being. If we’ve performed good deeds, then we shall attain liberation and be spared the endless cycle of birth and death. The sinners, however, do not get liberated and get mired in the cycle of transmigration.The essence of this bani is that we must take stock of our deeds and ensure that on the day of reckoning, we’re viewed favorably. For, the day of departure is certain for all of us – it is not a matter of sorrow, but of joy and celebration, as we’re about to be liberated and merged with the Creator.The human life is our only opportunity at salvation, because as animals or other inferior life forms, we are not sentient, we cannot perform virtuous acts and we cannot distinguish between bad or good. Guru Gobind Singh said, “Gobind milan ki eho teri baria.” This is your only opportunity to meet with God.The Kirtan Sohila is sung at bedtime when the day is done, the mood is somber and reflective, and one can dwell upon his deeds and the path his life is taking – whether it’s towards salvation and divine riches, or it’s heading toward hoarding of material gains and attachments that will be left behind as man labors on to the next life, losing this lifetime opportunity to be one with His Creator.
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