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An Evil At Twilight por Linda U. Joy Gratis

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Detalles del Libro

Autor (s): Linda U. Joy

Título: An Evil At Twilight

Número de páginas: 156

Fecha de lanzamiento:


Editor: None

Langue: Español

Formato: Epub | PDF

Nombre del archivo : an_evil_at_twilight.pdf | an_evil_at_twilight.epub

Linda U. Joy con An Evil At Twilight

An Evil At Twilight A Mystery with a Christian Theme A fatal hunting accident in Dorsey County, Mississippi, had taken the life of Paul Loren, leaving his wife, Deborah, a widow and single parent. Now, three years later, a letter from a Memphis law firm informs her that the accidental death of Paul’s Uncle Henry has left her the inheritance of his old country home, Twilight. Had she mourned through the heartbreaking loss of her husband enough to go to the land where he had so tragically died? Was her faith in God strong enough for her to go alone to the isolated old house filled with the powers of darkness? Would the evil presence kill again to keep its dark secret?
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