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Tales Of Old Japan por A. B. Mitford Gratis

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Detalles del Libro

Autor (s): A. B. Mitford

Título: Tales Of Old Japan

Número de páginas: 70

Fecha de lanzamiento: 13 de marzo de 2019


Editor: Reading Essentials

Langue: Español

Formato: Epub | PDF

Nombre del archivo : tales_of_old_japan.pdf | tales_of_old_japan.epub

A. B. Mitford con Tales Of Old Japan

Tales of Old Japan makes earlier centuries of Japanese life vibrantly immediate to the contemporary reader. They focus on various facets of everyday existence in ancient Japan, from numerous rituals, like marriage, to sermons and fairy tales and tales of samurai warriors. Regarded as an authoritative text on Japanese culture and literature, it greatly influenced Western perceptions of Japanese history and society for many years. Today, this compilation is still valuable for its accessibility and absorbingly entertaining view of ancient Japan.
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