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Fat Angie: Rebel Girl Revolution por E.e. Charlton-trujillo Gratis

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Detalles del Libro

Autor (s): E.e. Charlton-trujillo

Título: Fat Angie: Rebel Girl Revolution

Número de páginas: 168

Fecha de lanzamiento: 5 de marzo de 2019


Editor: Candlewick Press

Langue: Español

Formato: Epub | PDF

Nombre del archivo : fat_angie_rebel_girl_revolution.pdf | fat_angie_rebel_girl_revolution.epub

E.e. Charlton-trujillo con Fat Angie: Rebel Girl Revolution

More trouble at school and at home — and the discovery of a missive from her late soldier sister — send Angie and a long-ago friend on an RV road trip across Ohio.Sophomore year has just begun, and Angie is miserable. Her girlfriend, KC, has moved away; her good friend, Jake, is keeping his distance; and the resident bully has ramped up an increasingly vicious and targeted campaign to humiliate her. An over-the-top statue dedication planned for her sister, who died in Iraq, is almost too much to bear, and it doesn't help that her mother has placed a symbolic empty urn on their mantel. At the ceremony, a soldier hands Angie a final letter from her sister, including a list of places she wanted the two of them to visit when she got home from the war. With her mother threatening to send Angie to a “treatment center” and the situation at school becoming violent, Angie enlists the help of her estranged childhood friend, Jamboree. Along with a few other outsiders, they pack into an RV and head across the state on the road trip Angie's sister did not live to take. It might be just what Angie needs to find a way to let her sister go, and find herself in the process.
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